Posted by: caitlincrump | October 24, 2008

Video games and Math?

So, I thought I would write today about something that I was noticing alot of.

There are several articles that confirm this, such as


The articles talk about math being used in a leapfrog system for children as well as video games for 8th grade students struggling with algebra.

Math is becoming more and more prevalent in video games.  Video games are even being used in hospitals to improve hand eye coordination in surgeons.  I guess I’m just impressed that math has become a popular way to sell video games.  I was wondering what everyone thought about the issue.  Do you think that video games are being marketed in this fashion because parents think it’s a better way for kids to spend their time?  Do you think that it is an attempt to improve the public education of the United States(… Something that desperately needs action)?

Evidence of this for women is made in another article:

that claims the society in the U.S. discourages women from being involved in math.  However, I think education in general, particularly in mathematics, is an issue over most of america.  Typically 1st of 2nd generation immigrants have better math skills.  Do you think this is something that is encouraged from the parents or the youth in today’s society?

I wish that I could compare my own experience with math to this.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that I had such an experience.  I do remember playing “typing” games on the computer that were supposed to make you a better typist.  However, you actually are better at typing because you have done it over and over again, not because you played a game.

Maybe math is this way.  Perhaps the reason mathematics test scores and learning curves are not improving is not because children need to be captivated.  Maybe the difficulty is that we are catering to teach instead of teaching.  These video games may be what’s creating math problems instead of solving them.  What do you think?

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