Posted by: dschadewald | October 28, 2008

What you know about Math?

So there have been a lot of very light posts on the blog lately so i thought i would do something a little more serious:

This is a pretty well-done video and actually funny.  After 3,000,000 views the song had no choice but to be remixed:

This remix is twice as long as the first one, and in my opinion not quite as good as the first.  The first guys are just funnier/nerdier than the guys in the remix.  Also the special effects kind of take away from the simplicity of the music video.  Which one do you guys think is better?


  1. It’s time you all became acquainted with some higher-level mathematical music:

    The Klein Four Group – Finite Simple Group of Order Two

    (The Klein Four Group is the V4 in groups.exe and a simple group is one without proper normal subgroups.)

    How many terms do you recognise?

  2. Weird Al: White and Nerdy just like me!

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