Posted by: sandeepchrao | November 5, 2008

Math and Science Continued

I waited until 30 minutes until midnight, not because I was procrastinating and not because I was watching election coverage, but because I wanted to discuss the math and science policies of our new President Elect, who as we now know, is Barack Obama.  Courtney has already identified that a major problem is the current system does not encourage men and women in Mathematics. What has Barack Obama proposed?

1. Make Math and Science a national priority

2. Improve and Prioritize Science Assessments

Many tests today, according to the article summarized by Courtney, only test a student’s ability to be clever in the amount of time provided. These new assessments would test students higher order thinking including inference, logic, interpretation and communication.

3. Pinpoint College Aid for Math and Science Students

Gives college students access to a nationwide database that coordinates information on financial aid (STEM Scholaship Database Act). Right now, students have limited guidance to pursue and finance a degree in science and technology.

4. Increase Science and Math Graduates

One of the major initiatives is to increase the representation of women and minorities in the science and technology pipeline, and to take advantage of America’s diverse and talented population.

These objectives are in line with Barack Obama’s campaign to prepare children for the 21st Century economy, and decrease the gap in enthusiasm and facility in math between American children and children in foreign countries.

Now we must wait and see if these initiatives are implemented.



  1. So some of these proposals are fairly specific (the database for instance), but some are very vague. For example, how do you test the things mentioned? And how do you really increase the representation of women and minorities? I’ll be watching to see what actually happens, but I’m curious if any of you have ideas for how to implement these ideas?

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