Posted by: Prof. Kate | November 9, 2008

Dunham’s Talk on Euler

Hi all,

This is a brief followup to my earlier post

I went to see the lecture and can report that it is amusing, charming, historically fascinating, and entirely accessible.  And now it is availabe in video, here:

It’s full of great moments, but one of my favourites is about the competition to find amicable numbers.  A great idea for those of you planning to propose to your girlfriends…


Prof. Kate.



  1. There is a clip in much higher quality at

  2. Prof.Kate,
    I ever visit on on the discussion of Bernoulli integral at , oh my GOD….., the Euler Formula can be created relative simplier by another way without of using the Argand Diagram, that was by using the solution of arctangent differential equation. At the site is discussed published a new solver of an ODE called SMT (shortened of Stable Modulation Technique), that now the explanation of SMT is also posted on on the topic of mathematical equations. Please visit to the two sites.

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