Posted by: justpeachie | November 30, 2008

forget commodities

Instead of looking to the futures market, invest in a kept man. Recent news articles have highlighted the fact that even the rich man’s mistress is not immune to budget cuts, as 80% of male CEOs reduce spending on their extramarital lovers in this time of financial chaos. (No more limitless credit card, what? How do you expect me to live in a penthouse with only three bedrooms?) Of the men, 12% will drop his second (or third) woman altogether, in an attempt to recoup his bottom line.

For me, the interesting part of the study lies in the gender difference. Of the female CEOs surveyed, over half reported that they would be raising the allowances of their paramours, to help them weather this storm. Only 20% will be cutting spending on this front!

Some cite a woman’s natural mother-hen demeanor or attribute the discrepancy to social constructs, but I see it as a shrewd utility calculation. At a time when a high-profile woman’s financial career is in turmoil and stresses run high, a hot, sexy love machine might just be the ideal hedging asset to take the edge offheart1 her day.

Take notes, future investors. Whereas men treat their mistresses as just another luxury good, women may see their boy toys as a different kind of investment: the perfect emotional hedge.


  1. For men, affairs co-relate to power. For women affairs co-relate to emotional negligence. Comparison between male and female adulterers never cease to interest me.

  2. Did the survey mention what percentage of CEO’s had extramarital lovers?

  3. From a WSJ blog that wrote on the story: “Of the 518 people surveyed as part of the broader study, 191 opted to answer the mistress question. The 518 respondents were all private jet owners — since this was done in conjunction with a private-jet-related business.”

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