Posted by: mbuckley56 | December 1, 2008

2^n*n! is the best answer ever!!

Hey everyone,

Check out my article review in PDF form. my math article




  1. I enjoyed your writing style — a page-turning sort of style — and I thought you were very clear. I could see that this comes from being able to imagine the reader’s mind and warn the reader away from traps of false thinking they may fall into. One of these is where you warn the reader not to confuse the two questions with the same answer.

    However, you later point out that the questions may be related. You don’t specify whether the authors explain the connection in more detail, but here’s what I’m thinking. Pick one of the 2^n*n! regions cut up by the hyperplanes, and colour it red. Then for each other region, there will be exactly one symmetry which takes the red region to that particular region. I think we can form a bijection between regions and symmetries of the hypercube in this way. Do you agree?

    After your review I’m definitely interested in reading the rest of the paper! And I’m glad you’re seeing the connections between algebra and geometry. They are very intimately related, even though they seem so different on the surface!

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