Posted by: rjgage | December 13, 2008

Are you someone who likes to play math games? Check some of these out, no questions asked.

Hey math 152, 

I started looking for a blog topic by googling “cool math games” and this is what the internet delivered to me:

This is exactly what is says, and it is amazing.  After reading  about group automorphisms of 3d Tic-Tac-Toe in Sandeep’s excellent report, I wanted to play the game.   I was initially very confused, but then got better with practice.  Try it out.

You can also play an interesting game called Pool Geometry 2, so you can procrastinate with trigonometry, because you’re cool like that.  Try also Number Twins, where you choose brightly colored balls labelled with congruence classes which are each other’s additive inverse in Z10 with an interesting twist which leads to several different strategies. 

Finally, for the serious math gamer, try my own main method of procrastination: Peggle.  The game indulges your yearning for geometrical reasoning with the imperative to shoot a ball at pegs on a board so that it bounces around to hit the highest-point pegs scored by a subtly complex system of rules.  It also forces you to develop higher-level strategies in order to really maximize points across a whole game.

Have a fun Saturday night with your cool math games!



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