Welcome to the Math 152 Weblog!  Math 152 is a course being taught at Harvard University in Fall 2008.  The course is a buffet of discrete mathematics topics:

An introduction to finite groups, finite fields, finite geometry, discrete probability, and graph theory.  A unifying theme of the course is the symmetry group of the regular icosahedron, whose elements can be realized as permutations, as linear transformations of vector spaces over finite fields, as collineations of a finite plane, or as vertices of a graph. Taught in a seminar format, and students will gain experience in presenting proofs at the blackboard.

One of the purposes of the course is to explore and enjoy mathematics — and to learn to share and communicate mathematics.  Students will collectively maintain a course weblog, where they will post articles about their mathematical experiences in and out of the course.

The instructor is Katherine Stange.

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